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Bush League Performance Review:
Ashbury Methodist Church, March 1997

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At the Ashbury Methodist Church, March 1997 (BCS).

The Salisbury Off Kilter CD release gig was another triumph for the Bushwackers. Between 150-175 supporters turned out to listen to their favorite band play a mixture of tunes from their new CD as well as other favorites.

The Ashbury Methodist Church in Salisbury was an excellent location. With 40 foot arched ceilings, the acoustics in the room added favorably to the sounds of the band, while the structural layout of the church allowed the Bushwackers an opportunity to add to the visual presentation of their show. With the audience lights dimmed and the spotlights illuminating the front of the church, Ted, Ted, Tim & Mick entered, walking down the isles towards their stage area playing Sawney Bean, as Don, wearing a chainmail hood, began singing from the shadows of the rear balcony. After the concert, several supporters were heard commenting on the fantastic effect caused by back lighting while Don sang. It was impressive.

Soon the band was up to its same level of energy and heads were rockin back and forth in time with the music as they enjoyed the Bushwackers mixture of songs. Early in the set, Tim brought out the Monster Bell Dij, a black dij with about a 12 inch bell. This was the first time I had seen this dij and was impressed by it's tone. At several times throughout the evening, questions were asked of the audience, and whoever got the answer correct first won a small prize, thrown by Ted Watkins.

Two of the bands biggest supporters were introduced and came on stage to join in on the song "Dido Bendigo": Ted Porter's 10 year old daughter, Luisa, and 7 year old son, William, who helped record the song on Off Kilter joined in on the stage with their father.

By the end of the night, the Bushwackers had played all 11 songs from their new release, as well as numerous others from previous releases. After the final song, band members and supporters met and discussed upcoming events, as band members signed the new CDs.

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