Big Blow and the Bushwackers

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Bush League Performance Review:
Globe Theater, Berlin, Maryland. Saturday, May 3rd, 1997 1997

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At the Globe Theater, Berlin, Maryland. Saturday, May 3rd, 1997 (BCS).

Since we had never been to Berlin, we drove down and arrived an hour before the scheduled show. When we entered the theater, we were greeted by a sign advising us that the show was sold out; however, thanks to Tim Whittemore's smooth talking, we were able to purchase tickets after everyone else arrived, which got us seats on the stairs leading to the art gallery. The band played two sets, one from 8:30 until 9:20 and the other from 9:40 until 10:45. Many of the people in attendance had never heard of Big Blow and the Bushwackers, but if the band ever returns to the theater, you will probably see some return faces.

From the first song Big Blow and the Bushwackers were at their true form. Heads were rocking and feet tapping throughout all three rooms. Because of the limited stage area, the band members weren't able to jump around like they usually do, but they were still able to entertain the audience with their comedian antics. Back using their wide variety of bizarre instruments, including the use of a small megaphone, which was the first time we've seen this used, the group had the audience rolling in their seats.

Michele Kaiser joined in with the band, playing her bass clarinet for one song, as did Kaitlyn Wright, a 7 year old from Salisbury, Maryland. As Ted Porter sang one song, Sparky, Ted Watkins's ventriloquist manikin, did a jig, (with the help of Tim) on the stage next to Ted, then finished his dance on Ted's shoulder as the audience continued to laugh.

Another group that was on hand to keep the audience stirred up was the SCA group "Canton Of Spiaggia Levantina" from nearby Salisbury. When things got relatively quiet, Mick & Don would stir it up by shouting over to those SCA members in the "peanut gallery". The only problem that we could see was the same one that we have seen at all other shows: it came to a close. Those Bush Leaguers present will be counting the days until the next Eastern Shore Gig.

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