Big Blow and the Bushwackers

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Are you a Bush Leaguer?

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Bush League Quiz

The Grateful Dead had the Deadheads, but Big Blow has the Bush League: a pathetic group of people willing to travel vast distances to see the band, and who have mysterious urges to wear weird hats and play weirder instruments, in public.

Here's a quick quiz to find out if you qualify:

If your score is 1-4, you're already under the influence, but it's not yet hopeless. If your total was 5-8, you're a Bush Leaguer. If you scored 9-12, you should consider listening to clasical music or jazz periodically as an antidote. If your total was over 13, please remember that band members and their families are not eligible to be Bush Leaguers.

(My score is 12, as of March 1997)

Bush League Membership

If you qualified (all right, even if you didn't), and would like to become an official bone fide Bush Leaguer, send a SASE to:

The Bush League
2429 Southgate Square
Reston, VA 20191-1217

You'll get your SASE back crammed to the single-stamp weight limit with Good Stuff, some of which will entitle you to receive Cool Big Blow Stuff at concerts.

If you'd like to be on the Bush League E-Mailing List and receive occasional mail messages containing insider information, please enter your name and press "Join":

Bush League Bios

Who are these Bush Leaguers? A few have been fool-, er, brave enough to submit biographies.

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