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Two years ago, I christened the opening of the New Hechinger store in Tenleytown with a visit to their hardware Department. With bbatb's tall Ted at my side, I selected a saw to practice on (Ted had already given me a few lessons on HIS saw). You need to pick one with a fairly good sustain. Because I'm a geologist, I originally tried to play the saw using the pick edge of my rock hammer. However, a cello bow gives more soothing and predictable results. Also, your right arm gets less tired.

In early August of '97, at the Lunenburg Folk Festival in Canada, I left behind my CD copies of Haba and Kilter (stored in my car) with a Nova Scotian band called MacCrimmon's Revenge. Their fledgling didj player (who'd learned circular breathing from a book using a straw and a glass of water) had been unsuccssfully trying to reach Tim. He'd heard that he was THE MAN to talk to about learning the didj. The guys were delighted to have the two CD's together with contact names and addresses.

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