From: "Ted Porter" <>
To: "Jon Stewart-Taylor" <>
Subject: Re: What was the name...
Date: Fri, 28 Mar 1997 20:13:20 -0500

His name is Neil Gladd. He is a classical mandolinist and composer for the mandolin, and the editor of Mandolin Quarterly, a mag devoted to mostly classical mandolin but also illuminates new developments in the world of mandolining. Ted Porter is mentioned in context of a feature review of Habagoola in the spring 97 issue. Neil's real-world job, by the way, is working at the Library of Congress in the musical archives, i.e., in heaven. Neil and Ted are active participants in the internet discussion group (read support group) for mandolin players, "coMando". "It aint all bluegrass, boys and gals, in the world of mandolin", said Ted in an exclusive aside to this page. "Look for mandolin to dominate the next wave of permutated musics. There is no excuse anymore for the guitar domination we suffer and enjoy, that larger-than-life lute thing waiting for a rest from egotistical rockers and folk-ringer-wrongrighters. Mandolin is MUCH more PAINFUL to learn and play. You can fling it in the river of frustration and not break the bank."