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Bush League Performance Venues

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Venue Descriptions

These are currently quick descriptions of the venues where Big Blow performances are scheduled (or where they have performed), with particular emphasis on kid-friendliness. Some of these descriptions come from previous performances which Bush Leaguers have attended, others are supplied by the band or the venue management.

Ashbury Methodist Church (BCS

In Salisbury, MD. Excellant location for a family oriented gig. No play areas. Still an active church.

Dogfish Head Micro Brewery (BCS).

Rehoboth Beach, DE. Two story Micro Brewery on the main street of town as you head to the ocean. Upstairs, where band performs is a bar that seats approximately 125 people. Sorry, but no kids.

Ellicott Theater (JCST)

DECEASED: In Ellicott City, MD. A converted movie theater, about 150 seats plus some standing room. Kid-neutral: no play areas, but no dangerous areas either. Out of buisiness.

Fairlington Rec Center (JCST)

In Fairlington, VA. Open-air stage in a very nice playground. No power, so no amplification.

Globe Theater (BCS)

Location:	Berlin, Maryland
Directions:	Take Route 50 East from Salisbury, Maryland towards Ocean
	City.  Turn right on Route 113 South.  Turn right off of 113
	into Berlin.  Follow road to Y.  Take left branch of Y and go
	to the traffic light. Turn right.  Theater is on the main
	street. [Very quaint, historical district] Theater is on the
	left of the main street.

Size:	3 rooms -  Total seating - Approx. 100 people with another 10
	sitting on the stairs going up to the art gallery Atmosphere:
	Very good.  Old theater renovated to a coffee house, art
	gallery, and small theater .
Acoustics:	Good, 3 small rooms. Theater was best area. Directly
		in front of the stage where the band played
Restrooms:	Yes
Kid-friendly:	Yes
Dance space:	None
Smoking/non smoking:	No Smoking
Food served:	Food Available    [gourmet]
Alcohol:	Yes
Other?	Flash Photography Allowed.  Some room to whoop and holler!!!!

Mason District Park

Location:	Annandale, VA
Directions:	Off Columbia Pike.  Ample free parking near the ampitheater.
Size:	Wooden benches seat about 180, plus lots of SRO
Atmosphere:	Outdoor ampitheater
Acoustics:	Good for an outdoor setting.
Restrooms:	Yes
Kid-friendly:	Very, lots to do in the park
Dance space:	adequate
Smoking/non smoking:	N/A
Food served:	none, but good location for a picnic
Alcohol:	none allowed in park.
Other:	We were pleasantly surprised by the site, a very nice location
	for outdoor concerts.  Has especially good handicap access and

Oatlands Celtic Festival

Location:	South of Leesburg, VA 
Directions:	Easy to get to. Plenty of parking in fields.
Size:	Many venues. Tent for 200.
Atmosphere:	A good time for all ! Something for everybody
Accoustics:	Always seemed good for mostly outdoors spaces.
Restrooms:	Sufficient
Kid-friendly:	Yes
Dance space:	Yes
Smoking/non smoking:	Gave it up for heart reasons, but Smoking
Food served:	Veg/Health, Snack, Luncheon
Alcohol:	Always beer in controlled area, last year added 
		Scotch Whiskey
Other:	Two day event, although not all performers there both. Larger 
	audiences each year 5-10k per day (my estimete).  Visit the Oatlands Celtic
	Festival web pages for more info.


Venue Name:	Pemberton Park
Location:	Salisbury, Maryland
Directions:	West side of Salisbury Maryland.  Heading away
	from Ocean City on Route 50, Turn left at the 7-11.  Go to the
	small bridge and turn left onto Pemberton Road.  Go about 2
	miles, park is on the left.
Size:	Lawn
Atmosphere:	Very good.  Weather was comfortable.
Accoustics:	Outdoors.
Restrooms:	Might have been some somewhere, but didn't see them.
Kid-friendly:	Yes.  passed out alot of musical shakers to the kids.
Dance space:	Alot of open field.
Smoking/non smoking:	Smoking
Food served:	None
Alcohol:	no

Quiet Waters Park(JCST)

In Annapolis, MD. Open-air stage in a beautiful park. Many playgrounds and activities including boating, lots of room to run. Stage provides power/amplification.

Snow Hill Celtic Festival (BCS)

Snow Hill, Maryland... Located at the Furnace Town Histiorical Complex. Day long event consisting of numerous attractions from Sheep Herding to Society of Creative Achranisms sword battles. Drum and Pipe programs with the Bushwackers finishing the day out. Most of land is level, but area where band preforms is at the base of a hill, providing excellant seating for spectators. Kid friendly with numerous attractions geared directly to the kids.

Venue Name:	Snow Hill Celtic Festival.
Location:	Furnace Town historical park, Snow Hill, Maryland
Directions:	From Bay Bridge, take Route 50 East past Salisbury,
	Maryland, then turn right onto Route 113 South to Snow Hill.
	Look for and follow the historic markers to Furnace town.
Size:	Lawn and Hillside.   300+ in attendance
Atmosphere:	Outstanding!   
Acoustics:	Very Good
Restrooms:	Numerous Port-a-pottys around grounds.
Kid-friendly:	Yes
Dance space:	Yes
Smoking/non smoking:	Smoking in certain areas.
Food served:	Numerous food vendors.
Alcohol:	Yes   Beer $1.50 a bottle.
Other:	All day affair!  Bring blankets to sit on, coats for later
	that night.

Washington Folklife Festival (JCST)

A two-day extravaganza of music, dance, and crafts at the old Glen Echo amusement park. Far too much to see, do, and buy. Kid-friendly, with one stage dedicated to children's performances, numerous arts/crafts activities, and some open grassy areas to burn off energy. Visit the WFF web site for more information.

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