Intimate Diplomacy* 7x Tournament Rules

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7x Tournament Rules

7x Tournament Results

These are the results of the tournament currently posted. They will be updated as i have time, hopefully after every game finish.

Last Update: 20mar01

Player Statistics

Player X=Playing Record
 #Name AEFGIRT WonLost
01R. Gordon Aickin NP .....X. 00
02David Degville ....X.. 00
03Ken Lofgren .X..... 00
04Ronald Lokers ..X.... 00
05David Norman NP ..X.... 00
06John Quarto-vonTivadar .....X. 00
07Cristiano Corte Restitutti .....X. 00
08Konrad Scheffler .....X. 00
09Derrick Scholl .X..... 00
10Roger K. Weiss ....X.. 00
11Christian Hagenah ..X.... 00
12 Luke Ellis......X 00


Round 1
id7x01 1(R) vs. 2(I)rafgiet!re -vs- itgafre!ifTBD
id7x02 3(E) vs. 4(F)etragif!-- -vs- ftagrie!--TBD
id7x03 5(F) vs. 6(R)ftaiger!-- -vs- rgaitef!--TBD
id7x04 7(R) vs. 9(E)regafit!rf -vs- ertfgia!reTBD
id7x05 8(R) vs. 10(I)rgaifte!rt -vs- irefgta!ifTBD
id7x06 11(T) vs. 12(F)eftaigr!ef -vs- ftaiger!tiTBD

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