Intimate Diplomacy*

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I'm hoping our eventual Judge implementation will have a set of
parameters which will allow GMs to specify mix-and-match sub-variants
to their own tastes, from pure DuelDip (DD) style to pure Intimate
(ID), and with any number of players from 2 to 6.  All these various
parameters would be enabled by specifying a Judge variant named
something like "Mercenary".

The parameters would be something like (* signifies default):

Parameter	value range	effect
----------	---------------	--------------------
Players		2*-7		Specify how many powers are "real" players.
BidSeason	Winter*-Fall	Which season for bidding for neutrals.
[no]OverBidding	n/a		Is overbidding allowed?
[no]CarryOver	n/a		Do unused credits carry over to next year?
InitialBalance  0-20*		How many credits each power starts with.
IncomeType	Rent*/Fixed	How you earn new credits.
Income		1*-12		How much income you get (per center
				or per bid season, depending on IncomeType).
NonMovement	Ordered*/NMR/	How are orders for mercenaries determined
		Greedy		during non-movement phases?
NonPlayer  	NMR*/Greedy/	How non-player powers retreat and build (if not
		Random		controled by NonMovement).
VictoryCond	Standard*/Intimate

ID would then be:

   Players 2/BidSeason Winter/OverBidding/CarryOver/InitialBalance 17/
   IncomeStyle Rent/Income 1/NonMovement Ordered/NonPlayer NMR/
   VictoryCond Intimate

while DD would be:

   Players 2/BidSeason Spring/noOverBidding/noCarryOver/InitialBalance 12/
   IncomeStyle fixed/Income 12/NonMovement NMR/NonPlayer random/
   VictoryCond Standard

And an interesting but as yet unnamed variant which might be the best
of both worlds would be: 

   Players 2/BidSeason spring/OverBidding/CarryOver/InitialBalance 3/
   IncomeStyle Rent/Income 1/NonMovement Ordered/NonPlayer Center/
   VictoryCond standard

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