Jordan Lake Boat Ramp


This is a public site, maintained by the park service. There are a number of grassy areas, as well as paved parking lots. There are several different potential observing areas, as well as potential hazards from the lake and non-observers, so a trip during daylight is advisable. The skies are "pretty dark", and from some locations Omega Centauri has been observed, so the souther horizon is quite low.

Access Information

The site is open 24 hours, 7 days per week. In theory it is for boat access, and in the past some park personel have given astronomers a hard time. However, the site has been used many times for observing sessions, so be polite but firm (and offer looks at exciting objects) and you probably won't have any trouble.


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Take one of 15/501 or 54 to the intersection of 15/501 and 54 in Chapel Hill

Continue on 15/501 to SR1008 Farrington Road (it's Culbreth road on the other side of the street) and turn LEFT.

Stay on SR1008 while it turns from Farrington road into Carmel Church road (this is invisible), and then back into Farrington Road (there's a funny merge there). If ever in doubt, just keep heading south.

The boat ramp on the right just before you cross the lake. It's not terribly well marked, but if you're crossing the lake, you've gone too far, and you need to go back.