Jon C. Stewart-Taylor
2412 Honeysuckle Road
Chapel Hill, NC 27514-6818


20 years professional experience in full life cycle software development as team member and team leader.  Project management skills to estimate, monitor and control schedules. Participates actively in quality improvement projects.

Programing Languages: C/C++, Java, FORTRAN, Pascal, Unix shell, HTML, NAWK, SQL, PERL, FORTH, Logo, PL/I, Modula 2, COBOL, Ada, postScript

Hardware: Sun SPARC, IBM PC, Macintosh

Operating Systems: Unix, Solaris, Linux, Microsoft Windows NT, MacOS, GS/OS, MS/DOS, Sun OS

Project management tools: Microsoft Project, MacProject, SuperProject

Design and Modeling Aplications: Rational Rose, Together, Paradigm+

Integrated Development Environments: Sun Visual Workshop, Symantic Visual Cafe, Visual C++

Source control tools: RCS, SCCS, PVCS, ClearCase, CVS

Applications: FrameMaker, UIM/X, Netscape, Internet Explorer, Elm, Microsoft Office, Eudora, AppleWorks, ANTLR, LEX/YACC

Other: UML, X.12 EDI, X.25, HP OpenView DM, GDMO, ASN.1, CMIS, SNMP

Employment History

Pliant Systems, Inc. RTP, NC
Senior Engineer2000-2001
Supervisor: Glen Shelton (919) 405-4523

OAO Corporation, Greenbelt, Maryland
Business Process Consultant1999-2000

Software Engineer/Project Manager, Mar 2000-October 2000: Supervisor: James Joyner

Technical lead and project management, Jan 1999-Mar 2000: Supervisor: Lawrence McGovern

Alcatel Data Networks
Software Engineer1985-1998

Snider Engineering
Software Engineer1984-1985

Designed, implemented, and debugged COMTEL NCC Network Maintenance and Control menu hierarchy with more than 15 nodes, supporting packages for terminal control, and a small-scale database, all in Pascal.

System Development Corporation
Software Maintenance Engineer1983-1984

System utilities in Pascal, DCL, Unix shell, and VAX assembler.

BioTechnology, Inc.

Authoring system containing more than 5000 lines of Pascal code for computer-aided instruction program. Libraries for device independent terminal control.

Head operator/systems programmer1980-1982

System utilities, graphics applications in Pascal, and routines to facilitate HP 1000 assembly I/O.

Personal programming projects


Graduate of Herndon High School in Herndon, VA (National Merit Semifinalist).
3 1/2 years at George Mason University in Computer Science.
Data communications and project management courses at Alcatel.