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Intimate is a 2-player variant of the game of Diplomacy*. I became interested in Intimate several years ago when i was trying to play some face-to-face Diplomacy*, and it was difficult to put 7 players together at a time. About the middle of '97 it occurred to me that one could "semi-automate" the game using the Judge's PROXY command and a small stand-alone bidding adjudicator. I eventually finished the adjudicator enough to run a test game. Although i still hadn't worked all the bugs out, it worked well enough to use during a 6-player round-robin tournament. Regretably, that page is incomplete due to files lost when i changed jobs.

I'm currently trying to put to gether a "7x" tournament: a tournament in which each player plays each power at least once. If you're interested, please e-mail me:

If you're interested in trying to put together a "real" judge implementation, i have some thoughts about how to go about it in a way which will allow considerable flexibility.

* Diplomacy is a registered trademark of the Avalon-Hill Game Company

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