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In Concert
Big Blow and the Bushwackers
keep alive the yang side of folk music tradition: the active, involving, aggressive and outreaching side of the ballad form and dance. First, the show hits visually, with fifty instruments and five costumed men in motion on stage. Strong vocals shine- especially on the simple, direct a capella songs of the sea and of the season (spring harvest, the hunt, holidays.) Aided by wireless mikes, band members travel the audience where appropriate. Instrument hand-outs- beercan shakers, bamboo, simple didjirdus- involve audience members. Humor, exhuberance, improvization, musicianship and surprises are all part of what bushwacking is all about.

Didjiridu Workshop
The world's oldest instrument...Today's least expensive instrument.... Watch Tim's demonstrate authentic Australian one, discuss its mythology and history, then show off his array of original creations: "trash didjus" from recycled materials, the "slide-o-didj", even simple plumbing pipe from the hardware store! You will witness and perhaps experience the ease of creating the instruments basic sounds.

Wandering Didjiridus Band members in costume mingle with attendees to add their electic musical/visual color to any fluid gathering. Spontaneous demonstrations of the "didjiru therapy"- the powerful low notes of the instrument directed to the neck and back work wonders! can add interest where appropiate. As the band plays acoustic instruments and sings unaccompanied, expect a "wandering sideshow" ... low key and atmospheric to simply embellish the tone of your event... or uplifting, eye-catching, and involving, depending on the setting.

Instrument Invention
It's customary for the band to use self-invented instruments and found objects in any performance. The funky diva (one string juice can), the flop-o-phone (massed PVC pipes struck with flip-flops), the slide-o-didj (tromboned didjiridu)... rhythm slinky, capgun, juggled shakers, totoise and bamboo constructs... Caution! Serious, creative silliness at work!
Musical Tour of the World.
Where the band starts in Australia and New Zealand, takes to the sea, Visits the British Isles and Brittany, then sails on to the colonies..tracing Celtic and American musics as they go, with narrative and demonstration.

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