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New: Jan 1998: Jon has a new job! Details to follow when i get a bit more time.

Astronomy Please visit my section of the NOVAC web pages, Cygnus Station. The NOVAC Home Page is full of info about observing in the Washington DC area.
Big Blow logo © D. Plehn Big Blow and the Bushwackers: Gotta see 'em to believe 'em! Really. Go see them live. I did, and now i'm a Bush Leaguer. In the DC area, you can get their recordings at The House of Musical Traditions, but live is better.
Didj What's that big hunk of PVC Jon's been carrying around? A didjeridu.

Dip The Duel Diplomacy Tournament is currently underway!
Manus Hand's Diplomatic Pouch is the Mother of All Diplomacy Pages, and the Washington Gamer's Association sponsors occasional face-to-face Diplomacy games in the DC area.

Combining hobbies (see Esperanto immediately below), i'm the host of the Esperantolingvo Diplomatio Loko.

  star The International Language "Esperanto?" you ask, "Isn't that dead?". The short answer is, no. I use it every day to communicate with people throughout the world, often in the Virtual Esperanto Congress. Inteligentaj personoj lernas Esperanton rapide kaj facile!

ResumeMy company laid off 1/3 of its employees, including me, so i need a new job. I'm a software engineer, and my resume is available. Please pass it to anyone you think might be interested.

Why is this page so boring?

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